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Crafted Cocktails…On Tap

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Crafted Cocktails…On Tap

No shaking. No stirring. On Tap.

And no, we’re not talking about beer, we’re talking about craft cocktails, on tap.

As we began developing our craft cocktail menu, we decided to include something a bit different that we don’t see on this side of I-95 too often, draft cocktails. This is a trend that has been booming around craft cocktail bars all over the country and we’re pretty stoked to bring North Brevard a taste of what major metropolitan cities are sipping on.

You can come and sit down in the taproom at Brix Project and within a few minutes, you can have a fresh, house-made draft cocktail within arms reach. We of course, still offer the hand-made craft cocktails, but the draft cocktail is a hip alternative, that generally requires less time and elbow grease.

We offer four signature craft cocktails on tap including:

Moscow Mule – Wodka Vodka, ginger beer and garnished with lime and mint

Playa Punch – Appleton Signature Rum, watermelon, garnished with lime and mint

Whiskey Daisy – Old Forrester Bourbon, Cointreau, grenadine and garnished with lemon

Classic G&T – Tyler’s London Dry Gin, tonic and garnished with lime and thyme


Draft Cocktails - Playalinda Brewing Company - Brix Project

So how does it work?

We know our beer. Well. So it was simply applying the same process of pushing beer through the tap lines to come out on draft. One of our mixologists carefully measures out the recipe and mixes it in a slim keg and then hooks it up to a draft system with CO2, which then pushes the delicious cocktail mixture up and through the lines for you to enjoy. We have found that the CO2 gives the cocktail a subtle and enjoyable carbonation, that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Our mixologists have carefully crafted recipes that suit our draft cocktail system and our guests perfectly. We enjoy switching things up, but you will almost always find a mule, punch and of course the G&T on tap.


Draft Cocktails - Playalinda Brewing Company - Brix Project


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