Playalinda Brewing Co.

Tap List

Brix Project Tap List

Birthday Cake Blonde

funfetti cake batter blonde ale
5.0% ABV

Robonaut® Red Ale

hop-forward American red ale
5.2% ABV

Pleasure Chest IPA

hop forward, tropical and juicy ipa
6.6% ABV

Playalinda Blonde Ale

crisp and refreshing golden ale
5.0% ABV

Watermelon Lime Ale

juicy ale with your favorite summer fruit and lime
4.5% ABV

Space Guardians IPA

new world ipa dry hopped with mosaic & simcoe

Black Forest Cake Go Big!

dark chocolate & cherry inspired barrel aged imperial stout

Coconut Key Lime Slice Ale

our key lime slice with a coconut twist
5.0% ABV

Free Spirit Hefeweizen

german-style wheat beer

Tropical Wonderland

american wheat beer with orange

Mango Key Lime Slice

our key lime slice with a mango twist
5.0% ABV

Playa Seltzer Pina Colada

coconut & pineapple infused refreshingly light hard seltzer
5.0% ABV

Rocket Ranch Pilser

classically crafted german-style lager

Playalinda Craft Root Beer

Brewed in house – no Alcohol, no Caffeine

Launch Day IPA

atmospherically dry hopped with loral, galaxy and motueka
7.2% ABV

Yaupon Brother’s Tea Pale Ale

locally grown holly tea with local honey & spices


big & hoppy dry hopped red ale
8.2% ABV

Mixed Berry Lambicish

years old blended lambics with various berries

Banana Split Stout

chocolate, strawberry, french vanilla, banana, and peanuts
13.0% ABV

Go for Nitro Launch

nitro pilsner – dry hopped with hallertau blanc and huell melon
5.0% ABV

Guest Tap



Bottles & Cans

Whiskey Go Big! – 22 oz bottles
Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Rocky Road Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Tiramisu Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Black Forest Cake Whiskey Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Pleasure Chest 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Playalinda Blonde Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Robonaut Red 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Tropical Wonderland Orange Wheat 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Luna Lemonade 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Yaupon Tea Pale Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Watermelon Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Space Guardians 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Free Spirit Hefeweizen 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Orange Haze Pale Ale 4-Pack – 12oz cans

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