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Winter Craft Cocktail Menu

We’re getting festive! You can expect lots of holiday favorites in our Winter Cocktail Menu. We’ve incorporated some of our favorite seasonal flavors when constructing these delicious cocktails. Check it out:


It’s Florida! So it’s only natural that we would feature some fun, tropical drinks on our cocktail menu, even in the “colder” months. We’ve kept things pretty simple in this daiquiri, with the exception of the addition of “Rapadura” of also known as Panela. Panela is a fantastic Latin and Central American Brown Sugar with a little spice and a lot of depth that we’ve turned into a simple syrup for use in a new daiquiri recipe with parts of both Siesta Key White and Siesta Key Spiced Rum as well as hints of dram and lime.



Many people who have frequented Brix Project and perused our craft cocktail menu, know that we love us some mezcal! This cocktail harnesses the awesome smokey flavors of Ilegal Joven Mezcal with Ancho Chili Liqueur, this fire fusion is mixed with pomegranate juice and a teeming Rosemary Simple Syrup for a fighting cocktail that comes topped with a smoked rosemary sprig for those who enjoy the dark-side of the Cantina.



We’re changing things up with this mule – holiday edition! This is a Kentucky Mule hybrid with Peach and Pear Juice and warming Old Forester. Finished with Ginger Beer, it¹s a mule for the season that blends sugar, spice, and everything nice.




The secret is OUT: Rye is IN. Rittenhouse Rye’s second entry on the menu comes in the form of this modified creation from one of our servers at Brix Project, Kayla Ward. It features flavors of lemon, mint, honey, and, for the first time, we¹ll be utilizing the Amarena Cherry Syrup to create the perfect blend of warming winter flavors in a small coupe.


Of all our new cocktails, few seem to embrace the spirit of the season quite like this one. The Blizzard of Oz is great for its simplicity of flavors, with Tyler¹s London Dry Gin blending with St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Mint, and White Cranberry.




And this featured cocktail, which you may have seen as our last Cocktail of the Week for November will live on for the Winter! The Snowbird Margarita is a wonderful blend of Mezcal and Tequila that sees a sheet of white caked across the top the glass with egg white, lime, and agave flavors.


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Crafted Cocktails…On Tap

No shaking. No stirring. On Tap.

And no, we’re not talking about beer, we’re talking about craft cocktails, on tap.

As we began developing our craft cocktail menu, we decided to include something a bit different that we don’t see on this side of I-95 too often, draft cocktails. This is a trend that has been booming around craft cocktail bars all over the country and we’re pretty stoked to bring North Brevard a taste of what major metropolitan cities are sipping on.

You can come and sit down in the taproom at Brix Project and within a few minutes, you can have a fresh, house-made draft cocktail within arms reach. We of course, still offer the hand-made craft cocktails, but the draft cocktail is a hip alternative, that generally requires less time and elbow grease.

We offer four signature craft cocktails on tap including:

Moscow Mule – Wodka Vodka, ginger beer and garnished with lime and mint

Playa Punch – Appleton Signature Rum, watermelon, garnished with lime and mint

Whiskey Daisy – Old Forrester Bourbon, Cointreau, grenadine and garnished with lemon

Classic G&T – Tyler’s London Dry Gin, tonic and garnished with lime and thyme


Draft Cocktails - Playalinda Brewing Company - Brix Project

So how does it work?

We know our beer. Well. So it was simply applying the same process of pushing beer through the tap lines to come out on draft. One of our mixologists carefully measures out the recipe and mixes it in a slim keg and then hooks it up to a draft system with CO2, which then pushes the delicious cocktail mixture up and through the lines for you to enjoy. We have found that the CO2 gives the cocktail a subtle and enjoyable carbonation, that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Our mixologists have carefully crafted recipes that suit our draft cocktail system and our guests perfectly. We enjoy switching things up, but you will almost always find a mule, punch and of course the G&T on tap.


Draft Cocktails - Playalinda Brewing Company - Brix Project


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Dinner & Drinks, with a Side of History

Who says new school and old school can’t exist in the same classroom?

At Playalinda Brewing Company, we’re fascinated by epicurean history. Many of the menu items, beers, cocktails and processes we feature were inspired by historical context and traditions.

Upon closer inspection, historical reverence and nods to nostalgia can be found in every corner of both Playalinda Brewing Company’s Brevard County locations, including within the menus.

For example, Brewmaster Ron Raike attributes his lifelong interest in zymurgy and distilling to the traditions and history of his forefathers. Our house-brewed, non-alcoholic Playalinda Cracker’s Root Beer was inspired by the back room batches brewed by his grandfather during Prohibition.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite historical highlights …

Food Menu

  • Ploughman’s Platter (available at Playalinda’s Hardware Store location)
    Dating back to 1837, this traditional English meal featuring bread, cheese and pickles, was a favorite of laborers before the rationing of cheese began as a result of World Wars I & II. Post war, after the ration was lifted, the Cheese Bureau (yup, that’s a thing) worked to resurrect the Ploughman’s Lunch, as it was originally known, in pubs across the UK. In 1956, the Brewer’s Society made reference to how well the Ploughman’s Lunch compliments a pint of beer in its Monthly Bulletin publication. The spread has been a pub & brewery snack staple ever since.
  • Scotch Egg (available at Playalinda’s Brix Project) – Believe it or not, this hard-boiled, sausage-wrapped egg is nearing its’ 200th anniversary. Said to have been invented by London department store, Fortnum & Mason, in 1738. This protein-packed, pocket-sized palatable snack is older than the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Jim Beam and Colgate toothpaste. Some records indicate the dish, once known as Narcissus Meatballs, can actually be traced back even further, to Medieval India.


  • Moscow Mule (available at Playalinda’s Brix Project) – Contrary to its moniker, the Moscow Mule was actually invented in California, not Russia, in 1941. The drink was created in an effort to revive vodka consumption, which at the time, was historically low. The drink, first mixed in a Los Angeles British pub, is often served in a copper or metal mug, to enhance the chill factor.
  • French 75 (available at Playalinda’s Brix Project) – Made modern by combining Tyler’s Gin, champagne, lemon & sugar – the history of the French 75 dates back to the Prohibition era. … Or does it? The exact origins of the cocktail are a bit of a mystery. It was initially thought to be the only cocktail to have been invented during American Prohibition. However, legendary literary superstar Charles Dickens made mention of serving a strikingly similar cocktail during an 1867 visit to Boston, MA.

Written by Michelle Mulak