Playalinda Brewing Co.

Tap List

Hardware Store Tap List

Playalinda Blonde Ale

crisp & refreshing golden ale
5.0% ABV

Robonaut® Red Ale

Hop-forward American red ale
5.2% ABV

Pleasure Chest® IPA

hop forward, tropical and juicy ipa
6.6% ABV

Tropical Wonderland®

american wheat beer with orange
4.6% ABV

Trippel Entendre

belgian-style with webb’s wildflower honey
11.0% ABV

Scrub Jay Lemon Wheat

wheat beer with meyer lemons and lavender
5.0% ABV

Cask Robojava

robonaut red aged on black cat coffee
5.2% ABV

Cascadian Rye

porter brewed with rye malts, simcoe & cascade hops
8.4% ABV

Dubbel Entendre

big belgian-style dubbel with candy sugar
10.8% ABV

Happy Thoughts

very sessionable pale ale
4.0% ABV

Jimmy’s Gluten Free IPA

gluten free brown rice & candy sugar with simcoe & mosaic hops
7.8% ABV

Cold IPA

pilsner malt & rice with a lager yeast & many hops
8.2% ABV

Whiskey Sour Stout

aged and blended stout from various barrels
7.5% ABV

Muy Macho Cuban Coffee Stout

sweet creamy and strong from various barrels
5.1% ABV

Playalinda Craft Root Beer

Brewed in house – no Alcohol, no Caffeine

Key Lime Slice

slice of the south ale
5.0% ABV

Cherry Luna Lemonade

tart cherry & marshmallow infused lemonade wheat beer
4.8% ABV

Boss Bruh IPA

brown rice infused ipa with citra, centennial & mosaic
8.2% ABV

Free Spirit Hefeweizen

german style wheat beer
5.4% ABV

Barn Light Saison

farmhouse style, rustic & eccentric
7.0% ABV

Good Over Evil Oud Bruin

belgian-style aged & blended sour ale
5.0% ABV

Nitro Malt Soup

malty sweet & creamy amber ale
5.1% ABV

Guest Tap

Cigar City Apple Pie Cider

homemade apple pie with spices
5.5% ABV

Bottles & Cans

Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Whiskey Go Big! Imperial Stout – 22oz bottles
Buckeye Candy Bar Stout – 22oz bottles
Coffee & Hazelnut Whiskey Go Big! – 22oz bottles
Pleasure Chest® IPA 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Robonaut® Red Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Playalinda Blonde Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Tropical Wonderland® Orange Wheat Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Scrub Jay Lemon Wheat 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Free Spirit Hefeweizen 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Luna Lemonade 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Inaugurale 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Wildflower Honey Brown Ale 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Bike Parade Gingerbread Ale 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Playalinda Fluff Porter 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Surreptitious 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Cherry Luna Lemonade 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Space Guardians 4-Pack – 12oz cans

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