Playalinda Brewing Co.

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Hardware Store Tap List


Playalinda Blonde Ale

crisp & refreshing golden ale
5.0% ABV

Robonaut® Red Ale

Hop-forward American red ale
5.2% ABV

Pleasure Chest® IPA

hop forward, tropical and juicy ipa
6.6% ABV

Now ‘R Later

strawmelon and waterberry fruited concoction
4.8% ABV

PB & Fluff Porter

robust porter with peanut butter and marshmallow
7.25% ABV

Reserve Whiskey Go Big!

select aged palm ridge whiskey barrels
12% ABV

Key Lime Slice

slice of the south ale
5% ABV

Lemon Rosé

tart fruity and refreshing wheat beer
4.4% ABV

Side Pull Pils

rocket ranch czech-style slow pour
4.8% ABV

Nose Karate

double IPA with summit $ sorachi ace hops
11.0% ABV

Space Guardians

new world IPA dry hopped with citra and mosaic
7% ABV

Amaro Citrus Zipper

honey, citrus, and spice infused italian lager
6.0% ABV

Cask Cat Scratch

cask conditioned belgian pale ale served on the beer engine
6.9% ABV

Wild Berry Gose

slightly salty and tart german-style with fruit
4.75% ABV

Playalinda Craft Root Beer

brewed in house – no alcohol – no caffeine

Playa IPA

old school hopped india pale ale
6.8% ABV

Cold IPA

lager yeast with experimental hop 586
8.0% ABV

Liquid Stupid

belgian strong ale with ginger, coriander, orange, and honey
13.5% ABV

Ginger Blossom Belgian

local honey & fresh caught ginger
7.4% ABV

Good Over Evil Oud Bruin

Belgian-style aged and bended sour brown ale
5.0% ABV

Nitro Chocolate Strawberry

sweet stout with dark chocolate and strawberry
4.5% ABV

Big Boi Stout

malty rich imperial stout
10.0% ABV


Guest Tap


Cigar City Key Lime Cider

guest tap hard cider 5.5% ABV


Bottles & Cans


Key Lime Slice 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Cool Whip – Tub
Epi Pen 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Pleasure Chest® IPA 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Robonaut® Red Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Playalinda Blonde Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Tropical Wonderland® Orange Wheat Ale 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Surreptitious 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Rocket Ranch Pilsner 6-Pack – 12oz cans
Nevins Pale Ale 4-Pack – 12oz cans
Playalinda Fluff Porter 4-Pack – 12oz cans


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