Playalinda Brewing Co.

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Playalinda Blonde Ale

Refreshing, crisp and clean Blonde Ale
5.0% ABV

Pleasure Chest® IPA

Hop-forward, tropical and juicy IPA
6.6% ABV

Robonaut ® Red Ale

American style red ale
5.2% ABV

Prickly Pear Smacks

Fruit infused torrified wheat and panela sugar
6.3% ABV


Belgian strong ale with spices and local Webb’s honey
9.7% ABV

Starliner Simcoe Lager

All simcoe hopped lager
4.6% ABV

Coasters Whiskey Belgian Royal

Whiskey barrel aged on blackberry
14.4% ABV

Playa IPA Eureka

Single hopped IPA, oily and dankishly delicious
8.8% ABV

Wee Heavy Lift

Scottish strong ale
10.0% ABV

Nitro Coffee Praline Porter

Silky & sensual porter w/ pistachio praline and Black Cat Coffee
6.0% ABV

Black IPA #300

Our 300th batch of beer brewed here. roasty, hoppy
6.4% ABV

Hardware Hardwater

Passionfruit and orange soda
5.0% ABV

Ever After Blueberry Ale

Locally caught blueberries from Ever After Farms
6.0% ABV

Nevins Pale Ale

Pale ale with local citrus
4.5% ABV

Citra Brett IPA

Only brettanomyces and citra hops
6.8% ABV

No Soup For You!

Cremini and portobello mushrooms from Monterey Mushrooms,
beef soup bones, and wild rice
6.0% ABV

Orion Oud Bruin

Tart brown ale aged blend
5.5% ABV

Ibis Ale

Pale ale with local citrus and vanilla
4.5% ABV

Cask Pale Ale

Simcoe hopped super fresh
5.4% ABV

Nitro Irish Coffee Stout

Semi-sweet and creamy
7.0% ABV

Playalinda Craft Root Beer

In-house brewed root beer
No caffeine or alcohol

House Bottles

Whiskey Go Big! Imperial Stout

22 oz bottle

Go Big! Imperial Stout

22 oz bottle

Barn Light Drupe Saison

22 oz bottle


22 oz bottle

Scrub Jay Lemon Wheat

22 oz bottle

6-Packs To Go

Pleasure Chest®IPA


Robonaut® Red Ale


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