Playalinda Brewing Co.

Tap List

Tap List

Playalinda Blonde Ale

Refreshing, crisp and clean Blonde Ale
5.0% ABV

Pleasure Chest® IPA

Hop-forward, tropical and juicy IPA-ish ale
6.6% ABV

Tropical Wonderland

American wheat beer with orange
4.6% ABV

Nose Goes

Gose with coriander and mild salt finish
4.0% ABV

Passionfruit Milk Shakes IPA

Galaxy hopped NE style IPA with passionfruit
9.0% ABV

Liquid Stupid

Belgian Strong Ale with ginger, coriander, orange and local wildflower honey
13.5% ABV

Robonaut ® Red Ale

American style red ale
5.2% ABV

Savory Brown Rye

Hoppy American brown ale
5.8% ABV

Curry Ford Dinner Bell

Mild curry infused brown ale
5.0% ABV

Very Cherry

Sorghum based gluten-reduced sweet cherry ale
4.6% ABV

Vanilla Dinner Bell Brown Ale

Northern English brown ale with vanilla
5.5% ABV

Orion Oud Bruin

Tart brown ale aged blend
5.5% ABV

Santiam Don’t Pass

Keller lager dry hopped w/ santiam, citra & hallertau blanc
4.5% ABV

Nitro Vanilla Night Launch

Traditional dry Irish stout
4.6% ABV

Dry Hopped Dinner Bell Brown Ale

Northern english brown ale with galaxy and citra
5.5% ABV

Go Big!

Big imperial stout
15.0% ABV

Barn Light Saison

Farmhouse style, rustic and eccentric
7.0% ABV

Your Royal Ryeness

Malt forward and spicy rye notes
9.0% ABV

Robojava Cask

Robonaut treated with black cat organic Peruvian french roast
5.2% ABV

Playalinda Craft Root Beer

In-house brewed root beer
No caffeine or alcohol

House Bottles

Whiskey Go Big! Imperial Stout

22 oz bottle

Go Big! Imperial Stout

22 oz bottle

6-Packs To Go

Pleasure Chest®IPA


Robonaut® Red Ale


Guest Taps

Accomplice Strawberry

Traditional fruited cider
5.4% ABV

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