’90s/’00s Trivia

SO FETCH – on Mondays we play Trivia!!

Join us for two decades of pop culture recall – ’90s/‘00s TRIVIA IS COMING – and it’s going to be all that and a bag of chips – Yeahhh, Baby!


Want to earn some extra trivia points?

Show up 20 minutes early and score an “early-bird” cube which is good for extra points.

You can play solo, or on a team of up to four people, as you battle your way through level after level of brain-boggling trivia on a quest to win Playalinda prizes.

First Place: $45 Playalinda gift card 🥇 

Second Place: $25 Playalinda gift card 🥈 

Alllrighty Then, we’ll see you Monday June 6th!