Marvel Cinematic Trivia

Just in time for the release of Captain Marvel and anticipating the release of Avengers Endgame…”HULK SMASH” your way through this special edition of Monday Night Trivia! Team up with your mightiest trivia pals for an evening of Marvel Cinematic Trivia.

Want to earn some extra trivia points?
Show up 20 minutes early and score an “early-bird” chip which is good for an extra hard point.

You can play solo, or on a team of up to four people, as you battle your way through level after level of brain-boggling trivia on a quest to win Playalinda prizes.

Each week, you and your posse will have the chance to score a Playalinda gift card (usable the following week) PLUS bragging rights as the Smartest Beer Drinker on the block for a full seven days…