The Sopranos Trivia Night

“My father was in it. My uncle was in it. Maybe I was too lazy to think for myself.”
Mama always said you’d be The Chosen One. Hello Jersey. Join us for a Trivia night on America’s most watched family.
The Sopranos Trivia is going down at Playalinda Hardware Store on January 30th at 7 pm. If this doesn’t get you pumped for a cannoli or full of lead… we don’t know what will.
Just remember, as Carmela said, “More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision.”
First Place: $45 Playalinda gift card
Second Place: $25 Playalinda gift card
Want to earn some extra trivia points?
Show up 20 minutes early and score an “early-bird” cube which is good for extra points.
You can play solo, or on a team of up to four people, as you battle your way through level after level of brain-boggling trivia on a quest to win Playalinda prizes.
Each week, you and your posse will have the chance to score a Playalinda gift card (usable the following week) PLUS bragging rights as the Smartest Beer Drinker on the block for a full seven days