Sports Movies Trivia 🎥

Here’s your chance to prove your trivia team is in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN… 🏆

Dust off those old jerseys, get your agent on the phone, put in your benchwarmers, it’s time to revisit some cinematic glory days. And don’t worry, you won’t pull a hammy in this game!

SPORTS MOVIES TRIVIA is coming to Playalinda Hardware Store on Monday May 29th at 7 pm 🏀 🍿 🏈 🎥 ⚽️ 🍿 ⚾️ 🎦 🏒

Prove you’re the Smartest Beer Drinker on the block and you’ll be screaming “SHOW ME THE MONEY” when you score a Playalinda gift card (usable the following week) PLUS bragging rights for a full seven days!


Want to earn some extra trivia points?

Show up 20 minutes early and score an “early-bird” cube which is good for extra points.

You can play solo, or on a team of up to four people, as you battle your way through level after level of brain-boggling trivia on a quest to win Playalinda prizes.

First Place: $45 Playalinda gift card 🥇

Second Place: $25 Playalinda gift card 🥈