Archaeology on Tap: The Windover Dig

We are so excited to announce that we’re partnering up with the Florida Public Archaeology Network – Central Region for Archaeology on Tap! This very special event will take us on a adventure about one of the most significant burial sites in North America, which is right here in Titusville…The Windover Archaeological Site!

Patrisha L. Meyers, M.A., RPA, will be talking to us as we learn about this fascinating site and the people who buried their dead in a shallow pond, wove beautiful textiles, and left clues to the past as they went about their daily lives. This site changed how we thought about the individuals who lived in Florida between 7,000-8,000 years ago. But this is not just a story about the past, it is also a story about the present. In the early 1980s a contractor mucking out the edges of a small pond brought his boss a human cranium. In an era of cost cutting and bottom line management, Windover is an example of unparalleled cooperation between the builder, the government, and the public.

Patty is a PhD student in forensic and biological anthropology at the University of Central Florida. She has experience teaching anthropology at both Seminole State and Valencia colleges, where she enjoyed sharing her love of the past with her students. Her research interests include Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Human Paleopathology, Cemetery Studies, and Differential Burial Practices.

This event is free to attend, we hope you will join us!