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Playalinda Kegs on Sale Now!

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Playalinda Kegs on Sale Now!

February 22, 2017

It’s official – Now that you can bring a keg of Playalinda home for your next shindig (or your kegerator), your role as the best party host of all time is forever secured in history.

Playalinda’s four flagship beers, Bottomless Blonde Ale, Robonaut Red Ale, Pleasure Chest IPA-ish Ale and Surreptitious Honey Belgian-Style Strong Ale, are now available in slim and half-barrel kegs.

Here are the details …





Playalinda Flagship Brand Slim Keg (about 40 pints) Half Barrel (about 120 pints)
Bottomless Blonde Ale $80 $180
Robonaut Red Ale $90 $190
Pleasure Chest IPA-ish Ale $100 $200
Surreptitious Belgian-Style Strong Ale $125 N/A

**Party tap units and keg tubs are available for rental.**


 Deposits/ Additional Fees

 Item  Deposit

(refundable upon return)

 Rental Fee
Keg $60 N/A
Tub $25 $10
Tap $50 $1

**All deposits are fully refundable u
pon return of equipment in working condition. Please see following page for complete information.**

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